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To help you plan your participation the conference program schedule can be filtered by date, venue, session type, and session format using the Filter functions.

Filter by Date lets you look at a specific day of the program.
Filter by Venue lets you look at the program by venue rooms where sessions are taking place.
Filter by Type lets you look at the program by track. In addition to keynotes and breaks the program is made up of three main tracks or types of sessions Pedagogy, Roles, and Strategies.
Clicking on a type in Filter by Type lets you see only sessions of that type in the program schedule.
In addition, Pedagogy, Roles, and Strategies each have a set of associated topics. Topics appear when you hover over a type name in the Filter by Type area of Sched. Topics are clickable allowing you to further filter the program by topic.
Session Format lets you view the program by types of sessions - Action Labs, Lightning Talks, Posters, Presentations, and World Cafes.

The conference program is rich and diverse representing the current state of open education around the world.

avatar for Dr. DeLaina Tonks

Dr. DeLaina Tonks

Mountain Heights Academy
Greater Salt Lake City Area
I am the Director of Mountain Heights Academy (formerly the Open High School of Utah), an online 7-12 grade public charter school committed to building and sharing OER curricula. I'm passionate about digital learning, OER, students as instructional designers, and pedagogy.
Tuesday, November 26

08:00 CET

09:00 CET

09:10 CET

09:30 CET

10:45 CET

11:15 CET

11:45 CET

12:15 CET

13:55 CET

14:05 CET

14:15 CET

14:20 CET

14:25 CET

15:35 CET

16:25 CET

16:45 CET

16:50 CET

17:30 CET

19:30 CET

Wednesday, November 27

09:00 CET

09:30 CET

10:45 CET

11:55 CET

12:30 CET

13:20 CET

13:30 CET

13:40 CET

13:50 CET

14:30 CET

14:50 CET

15:00 CET

16:00 CET

19:30 CET

Thursday, November 28

09:00 CET

09:10 CET

09:30 CET

10:50 CET

14:15 CET

14:55 CET